Violation #3: Using the Wrong Hand Sanitizer

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One of the most common mistakes made in the animal shelter environment is that the wrong type or concentration of hand sanitizer is used. Improper usage, improper concentration available to staff, or inadequate usage of hand sanitizer can all lead to a significant spike in disease spread. All hand sanitizer

Diagnosing And Treating Upper Respiratory Infection in Shelter Cats

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Upper respiratory infection is a very contagious and potentially deadly disease in cats due to the symptoms it can cause and at the rate it can spread from cat to cat. Each cat responds to this disease in a different way. Some cats may go downhill fast and completely refuse

Prevention of Upper Respiratory In Cats

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The upper respiratory infection complex is composed of a variety of diseases that infect cats and kittens. Upper respiratory infections usually cause problems that are associated with the nose and throat area. The most common viruses that cause an upper respiratory infection is the feline herpes virus and feline

Cost Effective Toys for Shelter Cats

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There are many toys that you can purchase or make for shelter cats that are inexpensive and provide endless amounts of fun. The best cat toys are cheap, durable or disposable, and captures the interest of the cat quickly. Commercial cat toys that can be left out for cats

Disinfecting Against Upper Respiratory Infection

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You must clean every item and surface within your animal shelter that has the potential of becoming sneezed on or having contact with an animal. Even items that you touch after having contact with a shelter animal must be disinfected. In the home environment, you must do the same
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